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Consulting on Choosing Where to Study Music at University

Today's students need truly independent advice on making that all important decision on where to study music. With top up fees making the cost of a degree nearly £10,000, it's more important than ever that aspiring musicians make the right choice. Open Days and flashy brochures don't give a true picture of what's going on at university Music programmes.

So why not let informed independent professionals at Auracle Music help you to make that choice by identifying your needs and abilities and making recommendations for where to apply for a place in a Music programme that is best suited for you.

'Holiday brochure' prospectuses can create unrealistic picture

Times Higher Education Supplement - 17 April 2008

By Rebecca Attwood

Application and course advice is inadequate, juries tell Government. Rebecca Attwood reports University prospectuses are "misleading" and "woefully inadequate", students have told the Government.

Students feel that they are not getting enough impartial advice on applying to university, or on preparing for life after their degree, according to the results of a series of Government-run "student juries" held around the country.

"The prospectus is a bit like a holiday brochure - it just makes everything sound exciting and fun," one student said.

Open days were also criticised for creating an unrealistic picture. One student said: "It's artificial. It would be better just to sit at the back of a lecture."

Jury members felt that many schools and colleges did not provide enough up-to-date information on courses and study options.

Others felt there was little encouragement for students to develop a clear sense of why they are entering higher education.

Many felt they had been "spoon-fed" at school, leaving them unprepared for the independence of university study.

"Students are not spending enough time thinking about their expectations; they need way more guidance. It would help with retention rates too if people had a better idea of what they were getting into," one student observed.

Juries wanted a "one-stop shop" for independent information and guidance on applying to university.

Corporate Away Days from Auracle Music

Tired of Sport Away Days?
Looking for a fun and challenging activity that relates directly to your employee's presentation skills?

Auracle Music presents The Singing and Performance Workshop

Creates a supportive environment

Integrates new staff into the organization

Exposes employees to pressure that is also fun and rewarding

Improves communication and presentation skills including diction and voice   production

Helps to reduce performance anxiety

In a non-competitive, supportive environment team members learn relaxing breathing and singing techniques.

Then perform songs for each other to either recorded accompaniment or with a live pianist or jazz trio in a very nice stylish performance venue, such as a small cozy jazz club with the other team members as the only audience.

Our instructor/vocal coach Lori Fredrics has over twenty years experience performing and teaching singing to professional and aspiring performers and those who sing for personal enrichment. She has a special interest facilitating the reduction of performance anxiety.

We have several affordable options for both full and half days.

For more info call 020 8255 6426 or send email to: info@auraclemusic.co.uk