Music Publishing Services

Auracle Music offers music publishing services to selected clients.

We do not charge clients for publishing their music.
Auracle Music believes companies that offer publication for a fee are not reputable.

Instead, we take ownership of publishing rights and offer a number of services in exchange for these rights.
You retain 100% of the writer's share for performances of your music.

We will transcribe (if necessary), professionally engrave and produce multiple copies of your music for distribution to wholesale and retail outlets as well as through direct-from-publisher sales.

We will record demos of your music (if necessary) at no cost to you (except for hiring of session musicians, where applicable). In some instances, we will record ready-to-market polished recordings for distribution through our own record label, Auracle Records.

We will market your music through our website and through our direct network of industry contacts.

We don't make promises of success for the music we take on, as we're relatively small players in a competitive industry that is dominated by large multinational corporations.  But we will make our best efforts to help you to get your music out there and at very little financial risk to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How do we manage to make money if we don't charge for our services?

Answer:  By making good judgements about the very small number of artists that we agree to take on, and by using low cost marketing methods that are designed for emerging artists who have yet to gain the attention and interest of a major publisher.

Question: What if a major publisher expresses an interest in gaining ownership of your publishing rights? Are their any restrictions on taking back publishing rights for any reason?

Answer: With the exception of opportunities that arrive as a direct result of our having approached an artist representative on your behalf, it's no problem for us, and more importantly, no problem for you.
We want you to succeed at the highest level within the industry. We simply bill you for initial transcription, engraving and recording costs, and promptly release you from your contract, though we will, of course, retain any publishing income earned through the date of termination of your contract.  We don't charge for you to reaccquire publishing rights to your music, except as noted above. We want you to be happy and to feel that you are ultimately in control of how your music is marketed and distributed.

Question: Sounds like a good deal. But why is Auracle Music so generous with its writers?

Answer: Auracle Music is run by working composers and performers.
We, therefore, know what it's like to be taken for a ride by publishers who promise you the moon, charge you exhorbitant fees, and who deliver nothing.

We operate our publishing division as a service to our musician friend clients, as a stepping stone to their success and, of course, to add value to the other fee-paying services we provide to our clients.

Many of our publishing clients start out by coming to us for demo recording services and end up with a publishing deal, where we feel that its worth our while to invest time in helping them to disseminate their music. We're totally upfront about how we do business and are, therefore, confident that our approach will result in satisfied clients.

Question: How does one get started with having their music published by Auracle Music?

Answer: Drop us an e-mail describing what you do, and we'll be happy to chat about your goals and what we can do to help you to achieve them. If we mutually agree to take the next step, then we'll arrange for you to provide us with your music in its current form for further evaluation. If we decide to accept your work for publication, we'll issue a publishing contract and arrange to make a demo recording (if necessary). We'll also advise you on engraving issues, and will, in most instances, offer to engrave your music for publication. In short, we'll give you our best advice, regardless of whether or not we agree to take you on as a client.



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