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Ad agencies, web designers, game developers, video producers, solo artists, composers, songwriters, chamber ensembles, bands, small record labels and law firms have relied on the expertise and skill of our team of recording, mixdown, post-production, mastering and forensic audio engineers for over twenty years.

While other studios may boast that they have more luxurious surroundings, we believe that the single most important ingredient in a successful production project is the skill and experience of the engineer and producer.

Many engineers and producers at the "best" studios have excellent technical training and skills, but what they lack is a combination of musical training, people skills and, perhaps most importantly of all, a great set of well-tuned ears to identify and respond to their clients' musical/audio needs, thereby helping them to achieve the best possible results for their projects.

We employ the use of a specialized and targeted set of excellent, professional-quality microphones, mixing consoles, hardware and software synths and samplers, as well as the right mix of the best commercially-available and proprietary software-based production, post-production and mastering tools with an added plus -- engineers and producers who really know how to get the most out of the equipment and software to produce outstanding musical results.

Because of our business model, whereby we rely on the knowledge and skills of our engineers and producers and on our proprietary room modeling software tools, rather than on providing a posh facility, we are able to offer our services at a cost designed to meet the needs of the budget conscious client.

But should your needs and budget call for the use of larger and/or specialized recording rooms -- if, for example, you need to record a large ensemble of live musicians, we have partners with whom we work who can provide studio space where our engineers and producers can work their studio magic, and we can also arrange for the hiring of cost-effective spaces for recording large groups of musicians, whereby we are able to provide a fully-equipped mobile recording service.

For ad agencies, game developers, web designers, video producers, solo artists, composers and songwriters, we can also arrange for the hiring of studio musicians and voice-over talent drawn from London's finest crop of performers at a range of prices designed to meet the budgetary needs and musical requirements of our clients.

When it comes to overdubbing, mixing, post-production and mastering, we can then utilize our own budget-conscious state-of-the art facilities to complete production work on recordings made at larger studios and/or mobile recording spaces.

We also offer top-notch audio restoration and forensic audio services for both music and speech recordings. Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art audio analysis, equalization and noise reduction software in order to produce better-than-original results for its most discerning clients.