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Singers and Voice Over Talent

To meet the discriminating needs and tastes of our clients, we have pre-selected a varied and experienced pool of top-flight vocal talent, with whom we regularly work on a wide range of projects in various musical and voice over styles, ranging from radio and TV adverts to songwriter demos, from film scores to singing telegrams.

Check out some of Auracle's vocal artists before you start your next project. If you like what you hear, drop us an e-mail or give us a call and we'll handle all of the arrangements for booking sessions with singers and voice over artists.

If you don't hear exactly what you want, let us know -- we're constantly adding to our pool of talent, and we can help you to locate the right singer(s) or voice over artist to fit the precise requirements of your project.

Whether you require a small group of backup singers, a solo artist, or a full chorus, we can handle your project's needs for vocal talent. We'll even sit down with you to listen to your material and provide our best advice on whom we think would be best to have sing your music.

Jasmin- R&B Soprano

Lori Joachim Fredrics - Operatic, Jazz and Musical Theatre Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano

Jennifer Harraghy - Musical Theatre and Pop Mezzo-Soprano

Heidi Jo Hines - Soulful Rock and Alternative Soprano

Juliet Lawson - Folk Rock, Jazz and Musical Theatre Mezzo-Soprano

Claire Mewse- Standard Female British English Voice Over Artist

Tim Pare - Modern Folk Rock Tenor

Peta Williams - Lyric and Character Musical Theatre/Pop Soprano